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With a general election and not one but two Budgets, it has certainly been a busy year for the government so far! In many ways, the Summer Budget was more significant that the Chancellors’ first set of announcements back in March and many of his changes are certain to affect you in both a personal and professional context.  Our autumn 2015 newsletter is full of information about the Budget and other financial matters and we hope you enjoy reading it.

Our feature this edition is Summer 2015 Budget surprises. We’ve rooted out the most important areas of change and explained how they will affect you, including dividend taxation and the perennial Budget favourite – pensions.   

Our other stories include:

Employee benefits: a win-win for all As a business owner, many of your employees will have parental or caring responsibilities so ensuring they have a comprehensive benefits package will not only meet their needs as best you can, but should also lead to an increase in productivity for your company. We suggest ways of incorporating tax-efficient strategies to ensure that both parties benefit.     

PAYE and late reporting It may have come to your attention that HM Revenue & Customs’s attitude towards PAYE penalties has relaxed recently. However, this is not a green light for reporting late. If you run your own payroll, make sure you are well organised, and if we take care of it, you must still send us information so that we’ll be able to submit on time. 

Financing start ups with SEIS It’s not particularly easy to raise finance for a start up, but you can improve your chances by ensuring that investors are protected in the event that your company doesn’t do as well as expected.

We hope you find the contents of this newsletter useful and informative and, as always, let us know if you think you may be affected by any of the topics in this edition.


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