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Winter 2013 – Newsletter

 Our feature this edition is on auto-enrolment and how employers need to familiarise themselves with their obligations to enrol their staff members into pension schemes that meet certain minimum standards.

 We are currently in the process of finalising a proposal for all of our clients with regards to this obligation and will report further on this topic.

 Our other stories include: Managing the child benefit tax charge.  We are now in the first full year of the child benefit tax charge and this means that you may find that you or your partner may now have to file a tax return – even if you haven’t done so before.

 Self-employment rules change for LLPs The Government are considering removing the presumption of self-employment for limited liability partners (LLPs) and taxing salaried members as employees.

 Repair or replace but don’t renew There has been a change in the rules about what expenditure is deductible for calculating the profit on a property letting.

 Rogue directors – skating on thin ice  The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills is proposing to toughen up the regime that applied to directors who have acted fraudulently or negligently.

 Customer risk – we are now able to offer a risk analysis service for our clients and also provide an ongoing monitoring service. This is of particular use to clients seeking to trade with new customers and also customers who may be of high value in terms of risk.

 If you would like to have more information about any of these or other articles in the newsletter and their relevance to you, please let us know.


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